Eau Claire Farmers Market is the oldest farmers market in Eau Claire. Although we have gone through many changes - from Oakwood Mall to now, Gordy's of Eau Claire - the Eau Claire Farmers Market continues, with the work of each dedicated board member, to get bigger and stronger. Each year sees more vendors and increasingly better selection and sales. 

What started as a few small producers has become a growing gathering getting ever bigger in the Eau Claire local food movement.

Vendors at the Eau Claire Farmers Market have traveled at most, 30 miles to attend our market. All of the farms and businesses that have been accepted to the market represent the best of the Eau Claire and surrounding areas. Our farmers have farms which you can visit because they are so close!

Talking to our vendors is always a joy as they are more than willing to share their growing practices as well as their passion for their small businesses.


100% LOCAL

100% ​Fresh


Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday morning, our farmer vendors pick their produce and take care to gently clean any dirt or debris from the vegetables so that they are fresh for consumers. 

Vendors who have prepared products have passed state safety inspections and are fully licensed. You, as a customer, know that you are getting quality products that were carefully prepared under rigorous quality standards.

Our Mission:  The Eau Claire Farmers Market is committed to helping local producers create direct-to-customer sales. We focus on creating a market that is fair and honest and as inclusive as possible.