Are you currently involved in growing, producing, or making foodstuffs and live in the Eau Claire area? Join us for the 2017 farmers market at Gordy's on East Hamilton and Gordy's on Birch Street in Eau Claire! 

We will be posting information on the 2015 market along with an application very soon. Check back for details!

we are producers and growers from the eau claire area

about us


Since our market moved in 2014, we have had a successful partnership with Gordy's of Eau Claire. We are grateful to have the fabulous space they have provided to us in their parking lots on E. Hamilton and Birch Street.

Your board members

  • Galen Klisiewicz, Chairperson and owner of Lets Get Pickled of Stanley, WI
  • Mark Loer, Vice Chairperson and owner of Athena Timber Products of Fall Creek, WI
  • Pat Mathews, Treasurer and avid gardener/grower of Eau Claire, WI



100% LOCAL

100% ​Fresh