AVEnue Orchard was established in 2008 by Ron, aka Ronnie Appleseed, and Shelly Knutson; Matthew, Misty and Mason Joers.  They joined Eau Claire Farmers Market in 2013 bringing with them a vast variety of apples, from heirloom varieties such as Duchess and Wolf River to new varieties such as Zestar and Snow Sweet.  In 2014 they added apple pie in a jar, homemade apple sauce and apple cider.  Clearly they were such a huge hit with you the customer that they expanded their canned selections to include apple butters, jellies and raw local honey. Their passion for growing great apples and providing outstanding canned products is sure to satisfy your taste buds.  We have heard they are adding more flavors to their sauces, butters and jellies. Come meet the members of Team Appleseed from AVEnue Orchard!

Athena Timber Productswas formed in the spring of 2008 to manufacture Western Red Cedar furniture. The basis of the product line is the Adirondack style with design variations of that style.  Since that time the furniture has been marketed  in the Wisconsin area to a growing customer base. Periodically  new designs are added to the product line. Each piece is handcrafted using jigs, fixtures and templates to insure that the quality and consistency is assured. Other products and furniture styles  are available either as one of a kind or as limited runs. Feel free to contact me and stop in to see them at my shop or at the market.

Let's Get Pickledis a pickle company that really understands quality. The Let's Get Pickled gardens grow 95% of what they process and Let's Get Pickled uses compost from the garden - we use no chemicals on our gardens. We pick and process  with in hours of harvest which gives the consumer a quality fresh taste. All our peppers and tomatoes are heirloom. We pride ourselves on producing the best food we can possibly grow and processing the ingredients in such a way that retains their superior quality. Stop by and see Galen at the Let's Get Pickled stand!

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